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What is WaloPay? – Secure Payment App – Escrow Service


WaloPay is an escrow service and digital transaction platform for secure payments that protects you from scams when you make a transaction with someone you do not know.

Have you ever had to pay for something in advance, contract a service and wait for it to arrive, or sell something and then not get paid?


Our solution was designed to give you peace of mind every time you make a purchase or sale online or in person with someone you don’t know.

How it works

WaloPay manages the entire transaction with a “hands-on” approach. By managing the entire process, WaloPay offers users more than just a payment solution.

In a typical transaction, the buyer pays the price of an item into the Walo account.  The funds are then released to the seller based on the completion of certain milestones. These could be the delivery of an item or the delivery of an item in person.

The buyer and seller are fully protected from fraud or scams by withholding the funds until the transaction is successfully completed.

If the product has not been delivered or the service provided, the buyer may request a refund.

Start your first transaction

Available in all platforms

Unique, flexible and low-cost, WaloPay is compatible with all platforms. You can use it from any latpop device, tablet or smartphone, to make your transactions with total peace of mind.

By using WaloPay, you can finally make online or in-person transactions with confidence. No need to worry about buying something from a complete stranger.

Secure payments for the buyer

A WaloPay account is key to making your payments secure when purchasing an item or receiving a service. 

For example, let’s say an agreement has been made to purchase a vehicle. The sale falls through due to a detected problem with the vehicle. If you had given the money or a deposit directly to the seller, there is a chance that the seller would not return it to you. But since the deposit is in the hands of a third party, you can be sure that it will be returned to you as agreed.

Seller’s warranty

From the point of view of who sells or is a service provider, the possibility of having a deposit in escrow is a great confidence builder for your customers. In addition, it allows you to guarantee that the item sold or the service performed For example, in the case of a service provider. It is common to request an advance or deposit before the service is rendered, but there is no assurance that, once the service is completed, the agreed value will be received in full. Having the deposit held in escrow by a third party helps to guarantee payment for services rendered or items sold.

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